So who are you guys anyhow?

In the summer of 2013, Jon Sedar and Michael Crawford got chatting in the pub after Hadley Wickham's great lecture at the Dublin R user group. They found a lot to talk about and with several years of consulting, software development, actuarial science and statistical modelling between them, realised there may be a great chance to combine their knowledge and interests to offer a bespoke data science consulting service to the insurance and financial sector.

Several interesting projects and a handful of great clients later, we've been fortunate enough to build a successful business by helping companies effect real operational and strategic change through statistical understanding of their markets, customers and business processes. We have good ties to the academic and business communities in the UK & Ireland and are finding many likeminded friends and collaborators throughout Europe. Our team of highly capable, experienced consultants continues to grow and our projects already include providing strategic advice to build a data analytics department, rapid prototyping for stochastic portfolio performance management, natural language processing and lightweight dashboarding for communications analysis, and non-parametric Bayesian statistics for customer behaviour modelling.

The purpose of this blog is to let us at Applied AI share our various insights on data science, modelling advice, snippets of code etc. so you can see a little more about what we're up to day to day.

... and yes, "The Sampler" is a rather nerdy reference to Bayesian inference. Couldn't help it.

Jonathan Sedar

Jon founded Applied AI in 2013. He's a specialist in Bayesian statistics and the application of machine learning to yield insights and profits throughout fintech, banking and insurance sectors.